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1st Floor, 70 Bronte Road
Bondi Junction  

New South Wales 2022




  • Local 1 & 2 hours street parking

  • Close to Westfields Shopping Centre

  • Close to Eastgate Shopping Centre

Parking Information:


 Bronte Road outside:          

 8-12pm 1/2P & 12pm-6pm 2P @ $4.80/hr,  then 6-9pm 3P@ $2/hr (suggest: Avoid if possible)


 Back Streets:                                        

 8:30am-6pm 1P unmetered, but Free after 6pm  (Usually OK for a 1.5hrs appt during the day)


 ***Parking Fines:

 Over stay limit or Un-paid meter = $ 101. & metered parking is regularly checked. 


 All day Free parking:          

 Minimal spaces along Birrell, Council and Porter Sts, but you have to be very early & patient or lucky. 


 Westfields Carpark:            

 <2hrs free, <3h/$10, 4h/$25, 5h/25, 6h/$35, 7h/$45, max day/$50, over night/$80


 Waverly Council Carparks:

 Eastgate Carpark:                 

 <1h/$1, 1.5/$2, <2h/$4, 2.5/$7, 3h/$10, 3.5/$14, 4h/$19, 4.5/$24, <5h/$29, 5+/$35 

   Roof Top Level 8 / $15 flat rate (300 spaces - re-enter your ticket at level 8 to validate)


 Hollywood Ave Carpark (Enter from Waverley St) & Waverley Library Carpark (Ebley St):

 <1h/$4, <2h/$8, 3h/$10, 4h/$14, 5h/$18, 5+h/$22

   Early Bird rate: $15/day - Conditions, must be in before 9:30am and leave after 3:30pm.



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